Clear skies, blazing sun and a sticky feeling all over your body that naturally accompanies you in this weather can only mean one thing … yes that’s right, summer is finally here (for those of us in the UK) and hopefully to stay, at least until the end of the week!

With two more months of summer left to go, I say make the most of it as we never know if we’ll be this lucky next year to have three consecutive days in a row of complete sunshine. With so many different trends reported for this summer by Vogue, Elle, Glamour and more I’ve decided to go for a more “signature style” for my summer look. I wouldn’t say I’m completely ditching the trends out at the moment, but incorporating the ones I like the most into my everyday wardrobe.

First up on the list is … (invisible drum roll please) … DENIM. I absolutely love denim, I think it’s one of those fabrics that will always be in season all year round and can be easily styled for a casual day out or for a dressy evening function. Here are some tips on how to style denim using pieces from New Look (online) – oh yes, get ready for some denim on denim!

Trend Report - denim (day look)

Trend Report - Denim (Evening Look 2)

Trend Report - denim (eve look 1)